Types of Commercial Smoker Grill

Commercial Smoker Grill is nothing but an appliance that is generally used in restaurants and by catering professionals for preparing barbequed food for large group of people. It is indeed one of the most important commercial kitchen appliances that is easy to operate, prepares meals quickly and cooks with fuel efficiency.

By using the right combination of smoke and heat you can certainly prepare the best recipes with the help of this appliance and compel your customers to come in your restaurant again and again. By manufacturing these feature-rich products the entire process of preparing food commercially has been revolutionized. These products not only display the advancements that have been achieved by the cookware technology but also are energy efficient.

Generally you will find that the two types of Commercial Smoker Grills that are commonly being used.

Commercial Open Smoker Grill –It is somewhat similar to a barbeque or stove top model but has the advantage of providing large working space. These models are easy to clean, can be quickly heated up and are available with variable temperature controls. Some of them are also provided with cast aluminum cooking surface which can be cleaned with ease and provides you with an authentic grilling appliance. With the help of this appliance you can simply grill the food from one side and later on flip it on the other side as well.

Commercial Contact Smoker Grill – It features a lid that also helps in cooking. Due to this lid you get the liberty of grilling on both the sides at the same time without bothering about flip-flopping the steak or sandwiches. These units are best suited for grilling fish fillet as well as making Panini sandwich. With the help of the reversible cooking surfaces you get a uniformly cooked food, be it your steak or even a pancake. It is indeed a very versatile unit, featuring wide ranging temperature controls and some of them even feature different set of temperature controls on both the sides. Some of these units also feature floating hinge that can easily adjust according to the thickness of the food so that you get uniformly grilled food.

Buying Commercial Smoker Grill

  • Select a unit that is capable of performing wide ranging tasks such as roasting, broiling, grilling and smoking.
  • For the novice it is highly recommended to go for a cheap commercial smoker grill, as it will help you get familiarized with its features and later on you can go for an expensive one.
  • For the experts go for the expensive one as it will certainly last longer that the cheaper ones.
  • There are units that run on different sources of energy for cooking food.
  • You can either go for an electric unit, but you have to compromise with the flavor of your food.
  • You can also consider units running on propane or butane as these units provide flavorful food but are a bit expensive.
  • Lastly, you can consider a charcoal model that takes around 20 minutes from lighting to cooking, but will provide the best flavors.
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